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ENC distinguishes itself as a reliable and trustworthy solution thanks to our individualized attention and superior workmanship. You can count on us to deliver dependable and efficient services when it comes to your vital documents. We also exhibit empathy and sensitivity in difficult situations. ENC's objective is to create lasting relationships and loyal customers. No other Bay Area mobile notary business will put as much effort into ensuring your satisfaction with notarial services as we do. Whenever the time comes for you to engage a notary, you can rely on Express Notary California.

Please text or call (925) 232-8884 to inquire or arrange a service, or send an email to 


 We are open to bookings made in any location, including hospitals, adoption agencies, adult institutions, assisted living facilities, and more.

What if I dont have a valid ID?

If you don't have a valid government-issued photo ID, you can still proceed with the notarization. If you have two trustworthy witnesses with legitimate identification who can attest to your identity and that you are the person identified on the document, we can still notarize your documents in such circumstances. 

Meet the Owner

Lilly Spragan

Commissioned by the State of California. Fully bonded and Insured. 

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